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Lara with Horse Episode 1 by Animo Pron, Shädbase

Maria Theresas Horse

(From “Trista’s Extreme Adventure ” ) Description:
“”I feel amazing, but I would feel even better with a
horse cock in me.”

Jake moved around the sides of the bench and pulled
my arms to the sides where he used the attached
restraints to tie me down. With my legs hanging over
the side I could feel the same type of clamp wrap
around my ankles, tying them to the benches support.
The doors slid open one more time with an attractive
female leading a beautiful black stallion in. His
head lowered to get a sniff of my loose ass and
leaking pussy. It seemed that as all that was needed
to get him going. The female led him closer and soon
enough his legs were on either side of my head
resting on the bench.

It was like living my dream for real this time. I
looked down to see the magnificent penis drooping
between his hind legs, every few seconds popping up
parallel to his belly. He was horny and ready to
fuck. The female who led him in leaned down to get
closer to me.

“Don’t worry dear, he is very much used to people.
He is the first to fuck recruits new to the
program,” said the girl. “He is 22 inches long and 3
inches thick at the base.” The girl moved out of my
view. “In, Jack.”

That was his cue. He lurched forward and a second
later I could feel the rubbery sponge of his cock
head pressing against my lips. This was it. Another
lurch and the head popped inside my loose cunt.
Feeling my warmth drove the stallion wild and his
next push was even harder. His cock head was already
at the opening to my womb, if he pushed again it
would surely enter. The stallion paused, enjoying my
wetness and warmth, but he wasn’t done yet and
neither was I.

“Fuck my womb,” I whispered to him. “Please, I need
it filled Jack.”

HIs legs moved again as he gave another push. The
head pushed against my cervix and started spreading
it open like it had been so many times before. Jack
kept pressing, feeling this new chamber for him to
invade. I could feel the head hit my womb’s back
wall pressing it further up my abdomen. He didn’t
stop. I looked at my belly and saw his dick
advancing upward, stretching my womb with it towards
my face. The beast continued, making sure I was
going to get his full member. I needed a comparison
to the horse dildo Jake provided.

“Jake, how far is he inside.”

“About 15 inches,” the girl replied a brief moment

Wow, I did it! I had taken his cock deeper than the
dildo and yet I wanted more. I wanted to be
penetrated deeper, deeper than I ever had been.

“Give me more Jack. I want it all!” I shouted in
delight. At 15 inches I must’ve at least had 8 of
that in my womb alone. This was giving me a really
nice full feeling with the cock stretching me good.
Jack must have been satisfied with the depth as he
started to reverse direction. I didn’t want him to
stop there, but the first time he rammed me at full
speed I could feel him push even deeper than before.
With his mighty power he was able to force more of
himself into my womb than I ever could with the
dildo. Repeated piston fucking of the beast just
stretched me more. The bulge was massive and
literally between my breasts.

“Oh god look at my belly bulge Jake, how deep is
it?” I could barely get the words out I was so full.

“Twenty inches, you are practically balls deep

That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Fuck me Jack, fuck me hard!”

The beast continued his fucking motion, in and out,
each time reaching maximum depth. If my womb and
cervix had a voice, they would be screaming for
mercy but I was in control and I wanted it all and I
didn’t want this wondrous animal to stop. I kept my
head up to watch the amazing sight of my skin being
stretched taut over the gigantic flesh pole as it
moved in between my breasts when he reached his full

This moment could only last so long however. I saw
the bulge hovering literally inches away from my
face, but it never retracted. The beast was cumming.
The pressure was even stronger as the bulge grew in
size, first from the head flaring up, and then from
the huge globs of semen he released. My womb was
filled to the brim with horse semen and there was no
way for it to leave with Jack still plugging me.
Seeing the bulge balloon out and knowing I was being
filled with horse semen was enough to send me
skyrocketing into orgasm. I slammed the back of my
head on the bench multiple times with each wave of
pleasure. ”
Isnt fine. -)

Лара крофт с конем эпизод 1